Cats ★★★

Well yeah...This is an unpopular opinion 

Cats is a weird for me, because I genuinely think that this movie is so much better then the criticism of it would imply. This movie is very entertaining throughout, although I will admit that a lot of the enjoyment is ironic because these CGI cats do look hilariously bad. But the entire movie is just song and dance numbers and the music in Cats is genuinely great. Most of these tunes are still stuck in my head and I saw this film yesterday. All of the actors are singing the songs themselves, and they all sound great. Aside from the singing their acting is great too. Especially Ian Mckellan and surprisingly Taylor Swift who are clearly just having so much fun with the material. The direction from Tom Hopper is fun and energetic. The cinematography is colorful and vibrant. The story, while muddled and confusing, allows for leeway in character development leading to purely fun scenes. The only part that really sucks is James Corden who is a terrible actor, can barely sing and looks by far the worst CGI wise, although Idris Elba’s Macavity looks really bad as well and has barely anything to do. My aunt said something very interesting, she said “As a movie Cats is not great, but if viewed from the perspective of a stage performance it’s terrific” and you know what? I agree with that. This is the best rendition of a lot of these song I’ve ever heard and every actor is great! So if it was on a stage, I think it would be critically acclaimed. I can see this becoming a cult classic, and I personally really enjoyed it.

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