Chappie ★★

Chappie is a movie that could have been really good with just a little more time with the script and a little more care taken during the shoot and edit. As it stands though, Chappie is a poorly acted, poorly written mess of a film.  There is dialogue and scenarios that happen in this film that are laughable. Particularly dialogue given to Hugh Jackman, as they have him playing up an Australian stereotype. The acting is atrocious, for some reason they cast multiple South African rappers to play the lead “gangsters.” I don’t know why they did as these people cannot act. Any sad scene comes across as goofy due to the amount of “actors pretending to cry without tears” happening.  The character motivations make zero sense, leading to an uninteresting and flat progression of events, which is made worse by sloppy editing. Despite a good performance by Dev Patel, insanely impressive VFX, and a great concept, Chappie is a film that I can safely say was a waste of time, and to think I almost watched Half-Blood Prince tonight. If I did I would be a lot happier right now.