Harriet ★½

Bad editing and presentation choices bring down what is already a pretty generic biopic. Essentially every character that isn’t Harriet herself is underwritten and underutilized and because of this forced emotional moments come out of plot lines that hold no weight. The soundtrack is overbearing, and the sound mixing is notably awful. There are some cheesy moments that I felt butchered any brutality and tension that this movie could have had, it’s kinda boring actually. Cynthia Erivo is pretty good, although she had a tendency to mumble her lines and is in turn difficult to understand because of this. It’s a stark contrast to her boisterous performance in Bad Times At The El Royale. She is an amazing singer regardless though. I want to talk about the editing really quick because it sucks. This film feels as though it is edited together by a 9th grader for their history presentation. As someone who frequently edits their own short films, I can tell you I noticed some IMovie transitions. It’s probably not noticeable to the average audience member, but it stuck out like a sore thumb to me. Also this film has some of the worst color grading I have ever seen in the flashback/dream sequences. It was gross to look at and really distracting. All and all disappointed with Harriet.

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