Hocus Pocus ★★★★½

Hello. It’s been a long time. It’s not like I’ve not been watching movies, on the contrary I’ve watched a lot of movies. But in between school, watching spooky movies, and other Halloween festivities I legitimately have not had time to sit down and write reviews. So with that said I’m going to do some rapid fire reviews of some movies I’ve watched to celebrate the holiday season. Sorry for any inbox spamming. You can find all the movies I review in my traditional Halloween playlist. 

So, I’m a first time viewer here. I understand that this is a big part of many peoples Halloween tradition. In fact my local Halloween store described it as “The Christmas Story of Halloween.” And you know what? I can see why. This movie perfectly encapsulates the “fun” of Halloween. It feels like Halloween from the perspective of a child. It brings out the whimsy of the holiday we felt as a child. There isn’t really too much to say here. It’s just a lot of fun, and puts you in the Halloween spirit.

Halloween 2020

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