I Know What You Did Last Summer ★★★½

I Know What You Did Last Summer is a fun, but very flawed slasher film. For the first two acts of this film I was actually really invested in the story, characters and mystery of the film. The third act...well we’ll get there. First what I like. The characters, you actually care about them. The film does a smart thing, the first twenty minutes or so is really light and fluffy. This allowed for the characters to be properly developed and for the inciting incident to feel even more brutal and shocking. I also like the cinematography and direction of the film. It’s a good looking movie, and when the killer is stalking these characters it actually feels tense. Not just because you care about the characters, but because the direction is tense. My problems are all script related. When you actually find out who the killer is in the third act...well it makes no sense. The ending section is horribly anticlimactic and stupid. It’s really drags down what is actually a really great film. 

Halloween 2020