Penguins ★★★★½

Sure the narration was very obnoxious at some parts (not Ed Helm's fault just disney trying to make it more family friendly) but how could you not like this movie!? I love nature docs, and disneynature has been hitting it out of the park with every new film they put out. Like all disneynature films the cinematography is STUNNING! Most of these shots look like they could be on the cover of an issue of National Geographic. The amount of work that goes into getting these shots blows my mind and serves as a good reminder of why cinematography is such an important part of filmmaking (cough cough the Oscars). Besides that penguins are just awesome! This movie is so adorable, the love story between the penguins was so sweet. The planet we live on is so incredible and it shouldn't take a movie to be reminded of that.