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This review may contain spoilers.

I rewatched this to study for my film lit class. I still agree with the general consensus, for obvious reasons, that Psycho is a timeless masterpiece. What I will add is that I think I enjoyed it even more the second time around. The little intricacies you can pick up in every character on a second viewing are absolutely fascinating to watch. Sometimes you rewatch a film and you gain absolutely nothing that you didn’t already have with a first watch, this is definitely not one of those cases. Something my teacher talked with us about is the thematic tragedy and violation of the shower scene that made me love it even more. It’s a scene that takes place after the character of Marion decides to return home with the money, repenting for her sins if you will. She decides to take a shower as a way to sort of metaphorically “wash away” her sins. During this time she is brutally murdered, murdered before she had the chance to make things right with her sister, her boyfriend, her boss, and most importantly herself. It’s tragic, and it’s disturbing. It’s disturbing because it’s a violation of what the film portrays as a sacred place to clean and repent. Not to mention the sexually disturbing nature of Norman Bates character throughout the film, but in particular this scene. Perhaps that is utter nonsense, but it was the discussion we had in class today, and I found it added immense weight to the scene. Regardless Psycho is a classic for a reason. The film just celebrated its 60th birthday recently, and it still holds up. It’s as thrilling today as I imagine it was in 1960.

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