The Mothman Prophecies ★★★★

This would’ve been a masterpiece if the story was a little more cohesive, however you can’t deny the sheer atmosphere of this film. This movie is really creepy. The cinematography and direction are great in drawing out as much tension as humanly possible from every scene, and there are some genuine scares here. The thick atmosphere of the film will keep you engaged when the story doesn’t. Also the acting is great. Richard Gere is fantastic here. He is an actor I kind of find hit or miss. I love him in things like Chicago and Hachi, but his performance in Pretty Women is one of the all time worst in my opinion. In this case he fucking carries this film. You buy his grief and you feel bad for the guy. He is a great protagonist and Gere absolutely embodies the character. Laura Linney, who I always love to see in movies, is also fantastic. Like I said though, this movie is more about atmosphere than story, and in that respect the film absolutely succeeded in my opinion.