The Revenant ★★★★½

So...Is it fair to say there is nothing wrong with this movie? I was just completely enthralled from beginning to end. First lets talk about Leonardo DiCaprio who, I believe, gives the best performance of his career (that I've seen). Which is impressive because he is one of the best actors of all time. What's even more impressive is he barely has any dialogue, and most of the dialogue he does have, is in another fucking language. You see all the pain and struggle in his face, and he totally disappears into the character. Speaking of dissapearing into the character, you got Tom Hardy who I didn't even recognize till I saw his name in the credits. What's great about his performance is that he always lets the other actors in the scene shine, despite being the bad guy. I know that sounds odd, but it gives him a quiet atmosphere, so when he does something evil you won't expect it. Finally you have Will Poulter who has proved he is a versitle actor. He plays the heart and soul of the film. You feel so bad for him, because he is just a kid in this horrible situation who just wants to help people, and he spends most of the movie getting bullied by Tom Hardy. Unfortunately his performance has been widely ignored, probably because he is acting against Leonardo DiCaprio and Tom Hardy. But honestly he was just as good as both of them. The cinematography in this film is incredibly beutiful. They make nature itself feel like a character. A character that is both beautiful and dangerous. A lot of credit has to given to the DP, because this was shot on location with natural light. That absolutely blows my mind. I am picky about cinematography, and this film really impressed me. This film is directed perfectly. The violence is so realistic, brutal and gritty, it makes every action sequence so intense I was on the edge of my seat (literally). This is incredibly tragic and interesting character study, what this man goes through is revolting, and the fact that it's a true story is so sad. I hope you read all of this incredibly long reveiw. If you did I'm sorry, but I just adored this film too much not to make a lengthy reveiw. Please go check it out if you have never seen it.

Also that bear attack scene was just amazing.

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