• Radio Rebel

    Radio Rebel


    Best performance from an actress ever? Probably.

  • Hubie Halloween

    Hubie Halloween


    I wasn’t expecting much from Hubie Halloween, and for the most part those low expectations were met. This movie is vapid, silly, and pretty incoherent. In other words it’s your typical Adam Sandler comedy...for the most part. I would say that Hubie Halloween is a cut above something like Jack and Jill or The Cobbler or Pixels for two reasons.

    1.) The actual character of Hubie is actually pretty like able, and not a despicable person like we are used…

  • Life of Pi

    Life of Pi


    Yes. I finally get a chance to talk about one of my all time favorite films on Letterboxd. I like to think that Life of Pi helped shaped the person I am today. I first saw the film at a very young age, and I found it to be so potent and raw. I’ve carried ideologies that this film teaches throughout my entire life. I’m not a super religious person necessarily, but the way Pi navigates his faith throughout the…

  • Lake Mungo

    Lake Mungo


    Fuck, I think I finally found a horror film that legitimately terrified me. I’ve seen disturbing movies before, but nothing that made me check the locks on my door and sleep with the light on. During what is easily the scariest scene in the film, my cat jumped on my bed, and dude, I jumped so high in the fucking air. This was a great experience. Lake Mungo is a genuinely terrifying horror film, that is not just scary for…

  • The Making of 'Psycho'

    The Making of 'Psycho'


    Another watch for my film lit class. This is about as good as any “making of” documentary can get.

  • Ed Gein: The Ghoul of Plainfield

    Ed Gein: The Ghoul of Plainfield


    We watched this in my film lit class, because Ed Gein was the main inspiration for the character of Norman Bates in Psycho (he also inspired Leatherface in the Texas Chainsaw Massacre, and to an extent Hannibal Lecter in Silence of the Lambs.) This is a nice, concise, 24 minute mini - doc about Gein’s life and his crimes. It gets straight to the point and doesn’t waste any time which I admire. There are some very interesting interviews in…

  • Psycho



    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    I rewatched this to study for my film lit class. I still agree with the general consensus, for obvious reasons, that Psycho is a timeless masterpiece. What I will add is that I think I enjoyed it even more the second time around. The little intricacies you can pick up in every character on a second viewing are absolutely fascinating to watch. Sometimes you rewatch a film and you gain absolutely nothing that you didn’t already have with a first…

  • What Dreams May Come

    What Dreams May Come


    We watched this in my film lit class to examine how color is used in film, and yeah, this is a visually stunning movie. The themes of heaven and hell were gorgeously portrayed via color pallet. Weather it be the light, vibrant and colorful heaven or the dark, seedy underworld. The films cinematography is perfect and the colors bounce off the screen. I can see why, and appreciate why, my teacher chose this film for our color and cinematography unit.…

  • Jinxed



    Maybe I’m crazy for giving this such a high score, but I genuinely really liked this movie. You have to understand the time period in which this movie came out, what is arguably the hay day of Nickelodeon original movies. I grew up with these types of movies, and would eagerly wake up early in the morning to watch a new one whenever it was released. When I was a kid Jinxed was always one of my favorite films Nickelodeon…

  • Over the Hedge

    Over the Hedge


    Really progressive of Over the Hedge to have its main villain be a literal Karen all the way back in 2006.

    Dreamworks Rank

  • The Half of It

    The Half of It


    This is definitely one of the better Netflix original coming of age stories, however that doesn’t necessarily make it amazing. The Half of It has a lot to love about, but it also has a lot holding it back. I really appreciate the more minimalistic approach to storytelling this film offers (especially compared to something like The Kissing Booth or Tall Girl which are both essentially just sensory overload.) I also appreciate how for most of its runtime the film…

  • One A.M.

    One A.M.


    We watched this in my film lit class just as a quick example to compare Charlie Chaplins physical comedy to Buster Keatons. One A.M is a perfect example of how satisfying it can be when a simple premise is used to its fullest potential. It’s simple, it’s dumb, by it is damn entertaining. Chaplin knows how to sell a joke, he oozes as much humor as possible out of every gag. His genius physical comedy and performance is truly addicting…