• One A.M.

    One A.M.


    We watched this in my film lit class just as a quick example to compare Charlie Chaplins physical comedy to Buster Keatons. One A.M is a perfect example of how satisfying it can be when a simple premise is used to its fullest potential. It’s simple, it’s dumb, by it is damn entertaining. Chaplin knows how to sell a joke, he oozes as much humor as possible out of every gag. His genius physical comedy and performance is truly addicting…

  • The General

    The General


    Watched and studied for my film lit class.

    The General is a spectacle. Consistently hailed as a pioneering example of early action filmmaking, this film does not disappoint. The General is constantly thrilling with terrific choreography and beautiful camera work. The fact that they were not only able to make an action film of this caliber, but pull it off so well, in 1926 is baffling to me. This film is a train chase for 90% of the runtime and…

  • Ghost House

    Ghost House


    We watched and studied this short film in my film literature class in order to learn about the art of foley. Because of that, it seems appropriate to talk about the sound design first. On the whole it’s very impressive. Especially after we watched a behind the scenes documentary of sorts, watching the filmmakers capture the sounds of this film was fascinating. I can absolutely see why my teacher chose this film for sound design. Other than that, while it’s…

  • After



    I think I’m just numb to these terrible high school/collage movies at this point, because I honestly didn’t hate this. I just found it intensely mediocre.

  • Tag



    It was really funny. I’m sorry.

  • The Jazz Singer

    The Jazz Singer


    Watched and studied for my film lit class.

    I’m going to put aside the blackface for this review. Obviously that is outdated, disgusting and an unfortunate stain on an otherwise fantastic movie. 

    I love The Jazz Singer. The first “talkie” ever made and it’s absolutely incredible to watch. The simple rags to riches story works wonders here, with excellent song sequences and a mesmerizing performance from Al Jolson. How does one whistle like that? The world may never know. I…

  • Night at the Museum

    Night at the Museum


    Great for families, I probably would of loved this had I seen it as a kid. It doesn’t do much for me now, but I respect the creativity nevertheless.

  • I'm Thinking of Ending Things

    I'm Thinking of Ending Things


    Holy fucking shit, what a fantastic movie. I definitely feel as though my personal interpretation of the film is different from most people. There are definitely themes and ideas that are scary and overwhelming, but I personally found hope and beauty in the ending. It’s not a completely dower experience as some people would have you believe, or at least not with the way I interrupted the film. That’s all I will say about that to avoid spoilers. This is…

  • High Score

    High Score


    What a great series! If you are at all interested in the history of video games, than I’d highly recommend this. It’s fun and very interesting.

  • The Karate Kid

    The Karate Kid


    I am behind on logging films by a couple of days so bare with me if I’m spamming anyone’s inbox or if my reviews suck. 

    Ok, The Karate Kid. What a fucking awesome movie. I was expecting it to be over the top and cheesy to the point where I wouldn’t like it, and it certainly is over the top and cheesy, but I really found a lot of heart with it. The relationship between Daniel and Miyagi, The relationship…

  • Don't Look Now

    Don't Look Now


    Wow that was pretty boring. Maybe I missed something, but honestly I got nothing out of this movie. There was nothing for me to really latch on to here. The characters were pretty uninteresting, I wasn’t really intrigued by the mystery, and the grander themes and messages I’ve seen tackled before and better a thousand times. I just was never invested in the film. It’s didn’t really creep me out either, this is not a “scary” horror film. It’s more…

  • Freak Show

    Freak Show


    Minor spoilers, but please do not watch this movie.

    Freak Show is one of the most miscalculated, poorly judged films I’ve ever seen. This is a film that deals with some very heavy content like child abuse, rape, and a literal hate crime. Yet, all of these aspects are glossed over or just plainly mishandled. There is a scene in this film where a closeted gay man attempts to rape our main character, and the film essentially tries to make…