• Kung Fu Panda

    Kung Fu Panda


    Fantastic action-orientated animated film.

    I will say that the film lacks in some story areas, due to the need to set up this world and characters. But it more than makes up for it by being purely entertaining. The action scene are genuinely incredible, and the cinematography in these Kung Fu Panda movies are genuinely top of the line, especially for animated movies.

    It's a joy for children and adults can sit back and enjoy the pure spectacle and gorgeous cinematography.

  • Collateral



    Oh wow! Like WOW!!!

    If you have not seen Chris Stuckmann's review of this, than I strongly encourage you to go and give it a watch because he explains this better than I ever could.

    Collateral is visceral, yet deeply personal action thriller with mesmerizing performances and perfect direction. Jamie Foxx and Tom Cruise absolutely disappear into their characters. You feel so bad for Max, he is genuinely good guy trapped in this horrible situation by this awful human being,…

  • Spider-Man: Far from Home

    Spider-Man: Far from Home


    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    This was very good don’t get me wrong, it was not without it’s flaws though and it makes me nervous for the future of the MCU...I will explain in a moment. It also pails in comparison to Homecoming. But there is a lot of good stuff here so we will get to that too. 

    Ok first and foremost my flaws. The cinematography is incredibly lackluster. Very flat with no style, you…

  • Year One

    Year One


    Oh god why? WHY???????????????????????? Why did I watch this? This might legitimately be one of worst films I have ever seen. I don't even know if I would call it a film, it feels like Jack Black and Micheal Cera got high and decided to film it. Why do all these time periods exist simultaneously? Why does a fat guy basically rape Micheal Cera? Why does Jack Black not die when he walks into the chamber that LITERALLY KILLS YOU…

  • The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou

    The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou


    Wow, just wow!

    I wanted to catch up on all of Wes Anderson’s movie’s seeing as he is a director I am behind on, I have only seen Isle of Dogs and Moonrise Kingdom (I saw Fantastic Mr. Fox when it first came out, but I barely remember it so I’m not gonna give it a rating) I started with Life Aquatic because it is often hailed as his weakest film so I kind of wanted to get it over…

  • On the Basis of Sex

    On the Basis of Sex


    I enjoyed this much more than I thought I would. If you read my First Man review you would know political biography films are not really my cup of tea (The Post is one that comes to mind that I practically don’t really care for) this film surprised me, it was a charming little movie.

    The story is easily digestible as well as being incredibly engaging. This particular case is truly an important moment in American history and the film…

  • Not a Jealous Bone

    Not a Jealous Bone


    We’ve done it! We have found the worst thing ever. There is no competition, it can’t get worse. I’m completely speechless.

    The music is pretty EPIC though.

  • Only God Forgives

    Only God Forgives


    Jeez that was painful...

    After watching this today and reading reviews afterwards, I think Karsten Runquist described it the best. "Only God Forgives is a bad movie disguised as a good movie". I think that describes it best because, once you get rid of the flashy cinematography and superb performances, you are left with the most meandering, nonsensical plot ever. The plot rarely makes any sense, yet it expects you to REALLY CARE about these characters, there is one character,…

  • The Ghost Camera

    The Ghost Camera


    Pretty interesting to watch, but really it's more of a novelty than an actually engaging experience. There are some scenes that have aged hilariously poorly, but overall it’s not half bad.

  • The Secret Life of Pets 2

    The Secret Life of Pets 2


    This is just a pretty by the numbers kids film.

    There is a lot crammed into 86 minute run-time, three main plot lines all of varying quality, that all come to head in the pretty flaccid climax, not to mention the five million characters.

    I'm gonna go through each plot-line one by one

    Snowball's plot line - The weakest plot line in the movie. The humor fell very flat in this one, terrible and annoying characters including a very cliche…

  • Zodiac



    Honestly this is the scariest movie ever. The lakeside scene is one of the freakiest things I have ever seen. The fact that this all really happened, and that this monster was never caught is horrifying. I think Chris Stuckmann said it best "If Se7en is the best fictional serial killer movie, than Zodiac is the best factual one" David Fincher is truly a master. This film is perfectly directed, every aspect is handled with such care and precision. The…

  • Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade

    Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade


    Easily the best of the franchise.

    I don't think the action is as good as Raiders, however I think that this one is a more concise story. This one has more developed characters than Raiders, which makes the emotional scenes hit better than the other films. I think the ending and the climax as a whole is VERY satisfying, and Sean Connery...he's great. I really like the quest in this one, I think the Holy Grail is more interesting than the Arc of The Covenant.

    Overall I really loved this film! Especially the climax!!!