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  • The Karate Kid

    The Karate Kid


    I am behind on logging films by a couple of days so bare with me if I’m spamming anyone’s inbox or if my reviews suck. 

    Ok, The Karate Kid. What a fucking awesome movie. I was expecting it to be over the top and cheesy to the point where I wouldn’t like it, and it certainly is over the top and cheesy, but I really found a lot of heart with it. The relationship between Daniel and Miyagi, The relationship…

  • DodgeBall: A True Underdog Story

    DodgeBall: A True Underdog Story


    This film has aged like milk and I love it. There has never been a movie that screams “2004” more that this. From the dated humor to the awful early 2000’s digital camera look, everything about this movie is right up my ally for ironic, nostalgic enjoyment. I grew up with Dodgeball, and films with a similar style. This is one I watch with my friends every year, and it’s a blast every single time. Super nostalgic, and super fun. One of the first comedies my friends and I fell in love with, a big part of my childhood.

  • Blinkity Blank

    Blinkity Blank


    Watched and studied for my film lit class at school. Very interesting to say the least. The animation and music is fantastic.

  • The Adjustment Bureau

    The Adjustment Bureau


    I’m surprised about how much I loved this. This was a complete blind watch, I heard good things and the poster looked interesting, so I made a point to catch it before it left HBO MAX. I was expecting a light and fun, but not super memorable thriller with Matt Damon. I didn’t expect this to such a feel good film, I didn’t expect this to be one of the most entertaining films I’ve seen in awhile, and I certainly…

  • Class Action Park

    Class Action Park


    Can’t say anything without first acknowledging the tragic passing of Chadwick Boseman yesterday. Personally I was only familiar with his work in the MCU, but that was more than enough for me to say he was an incredible talent. His performance as Black Panther is legendary among superhero fans. I remember excitedly thinking to myself, not even a week before his death, about all the potential he had as an actor. It’s sad his career was cut short. The loss…

  • Roundhay Garden Scene

    Roundhay Garden Scene


    I’m taking a film lit class at school, so if you see me rewatching and logging some old clips that’s why.

  • Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure

    Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure


    A most triumphant experience!

  • Kung Fu Panda

    Kung Fu Panda


    Fuck, I forgot how just how great this movie is. That prison escape scene might just be the most impressive piece of animation I’ve ever seen. The action in this movie is better than the action in most contemporary Hollywood movies. For gods sake, this movie has a scene where two characters fight over a dumpling with chopsticks and it’s one of the most exhilarating action scenes I’ve ever seen.

    Currently, this is my favorite Dreamworks movie, although I need to rewatch the rest of this trilogy as well as the HTTYD trilogy before I can say that with any confidence.

    Dreamworks Rank

  • The Last Starfighter

    The Last Starfighter


    The Last Starfighter is one of the most important films of all time to me. I first saw it with a friend of mine when I was about 8-ish, and my experience was similar to the way people describe seeing Star Wars for the first time. It blew my mind. I loved it so much that it inspired me and my friends to create our own shitty movies using the photo booth app on an old mac book. We were…

  • Hereditary



    Toni Collete and Alex Wolff: Two of the best performances of the past decade. That's all I'll say about Hereditary. I'm too shakin to find the words to properly talk about this film. Truly disturbing and technically perfect. I need to see Midsommor.

  • Boy



    Boy is a delight. A film that at a first glance, looks like a short, simple, slice of life story about a boy in rural New Zealand. The film certainly is that, but if you dig a little deeper Boy becomes one of the most mature stories about growing up ever told. After watching this film it's become abundantly clear to me that Taika Waititi is the master of blending comedy and drama. I still think that Jojo Rabbit is…

  • Guys and Dolls

    Guys and Dolls


    Fantastic. Vivian Blaine, Jean Simmons, Frank Sinatra and Marlon Brando are mesmerizing. My favorite songs are "If I were a bell", "Guys and Dolls" and "Sit Down You're Rocking the Boat."