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  • The Kissing Booth 3

    The Kissing Booth 3

    Hell yes dude! My most anticipated film of next year! In all seriousness though, the fact that they realized a teaser for this the day after The Kissing Booth 2 released was like pouring salt in an open wound.

  • By The Lakeside

    By The Lakeside

    Hello, I made a short film with some of my friends. You can watch it here -

    It's been a long under taking getting By The Lakeside on Letterboxd so I'm glad it's finally here. I appreciate any and all feedback negative or positive. This was completed over a year ago at this point. I'm still very proud of it, but I also like to think I've grown as a filmmaker and film critic in the year after making it.

  • The Kissing Booth 2

    The Kissing Booth 2

    July 24th everyone! Get fucking pumped!

  • The Space Between Us

    The Space Between Us

    This movie is so fucking bad and I love it. The best so bad it’s good film I’ve ever seen. Completely charming and inviting in it fundamental awfulness.

  • Far Far Away Idol

    Far Far Away Idol

    What a dank meme

  • The Happening

    The Happening

    Hysterically bad

  • Band Battle

    Band Battle

    I have been binging all of Ralph's short films!!!

    Band Battle is avalible to watch here -

    Band Battle is a hilaruously bad yet incredible charming debut by Ralph. It reminds me of the type of films my friends and I made when we were little. The amount of work that clearly went into the film is incredible, the editing is very impressive for a 12 year old and even though the film is technically not very good you…

  • Aliens in the Attic

    Aliens in the Attic

    Wait till you see funky Ricky

  • The Open House

    The Open House

    Intense. Scary. Emotional. Epic