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  • Thor: The Dark World

    Thor: The Dark World


    MCU Ranked

    Film number 08 of 23 in my goal to watch all MCU movies, for my first time ever.

    No joke, when I told people I was going through the MCU, I was given warnings about Thor: The Dark World and how much it sucked. I was preparing for it - I expected it was going to be something I would just have to push through and get into the rest of Phase II. I am disappointed, especially after…

  • Iron Man 3

    Iron Man 3


    MCU Ranked

    Film number 07 of 23 in my goal to watch all MCU movies, for my first time ever.

    Phase II begins with Iron Man 3!

    Wow, I really, really dug this. I'm pleased to see how well Phase II starts off -- I think this is my favorite MCU film thus far, and my first 4 star.

    I love that we feel the connection to Avengers and have to deal with the Aftermath of what happened. "New York"…

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  • The Dark Knight

    The Dark Knight


    The 20 for 20 in 2020 Project, in which I watch The Dark Knight 20 times over the course of 2020

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    Viewing 02
    Viewing 03
    Viewing 04

    Which viewing is this? What’s the date? How long has it been since your last viewing? Where were you when you watched? On what medium did you watch it (Netflix, DVD, Blu-Ray, etc)? Did you watch it with anybody?
    Viewing 05 of 20 - Thursday May 07 2020 - 34 days…

  • Licence to Kill

    Licence to Kill


    James Bond Ranked

    Film number 18 of 26 on my Quarantine goal of watching all Bond films.

    Licence to Kill is a breath of fresh air. After having watched 18 in just a few weeks, many are starting to blend together...but rest assured: Licence to Kill will not be lost in the noise.

    Dalton's performance is dark, edgy, and unpredictable. The action is violent, explosive, and gorgeous (shoutouts to the warehouse fight and the bar fight). The villain is less…