Scream ★★★★

HoopTober 6.0, Film 2 of 13.

Criteria Satisfied:

- 1 Decade (1990s)

What a fun indulgence. Scream stats off as a campy, nostalgic horror ride, but somehow turns into a mature satire, creating one of the first post-modern horror films.

The story is painfully simple. A masked killer stalks and kills local teens. Town turns into a panic. Police investigate. The teens? They all couldn't care less - they continue drinking, partying, and joking about the murder spree. You know, like all horror films.

Because the teens are real characters, they talk about the murders as any of us would: through pop culture references to old horror and slasher films. Characters in the film bash stupid things characters do in horror films, but then turn right around and do them.

By the end, we're soaked in a satirized-glorification of formulaic slasher films. Scream is a slasher flick. It's tongue in cheek. It's a genre-breaker and genre-enforcer at the same time.

At first read, this wouldn't work...but the confident writing and direction make it all work - and make it all so fun. After all, isn't that the point of film in the first place? To have fun?

Good thrills. Smart laughs. META.

RIP, Wes.