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  • Cinema, Mon Amour

    Cinema, Mon Amour


    This movie reminded me of the dream I had in school - to buy and open the old cinema Flamura, that is closed and neglected for years. I remembered all the ideas I had in mind back then: to run new movies and also classic ones, the design of the cinema...

    I also remembered the cinema I used to go to in childhood - Cultural. Now it's a Carrefour Market :(
    It's sad what's happening to our local cinemas, it's sad nobody gives a damn about them...

  • Weed the People

    Weed the People


    It's a dodgy documentary that looks like a promotional movie for Aunt Zelda's company (she makes cannabis oil and other tinctures based on cannabis in her own kitchen and she tells her "patients" what dose they need to take in order to get rid of cancer).

    Please do something else with your time instead of watching this!