Blade Runner

Blade Runner ★★★½

Not sure how i feel about this movie for once, Visually its nothing like i have ever seen, for its time this is a better looking Star Wars.... Ridley is a fucking master.

The world is pretty interesting, the characters and aesthetics are top notch neon. We never move from LA 2019 unfortunately but its fucking fantastic visually. Wish i saw more diversity in moving around the interesting world created by Ridley Scott.

It surely is a slow burner, and Roy Batty is one of the best villains i have seen, really makes you think.. wish the movie took more of its time on the replicants rather than extra beautiful imagery. 

Harrison Ford is fucking awesome in this too but doesnt have that much to work with in the middle but in the end sells the fuck out of that fight scene. Funny enough the film feels slow but moves pretty fast from the second act.

This really is SW for Adults, it really did inspire SCi-Fi as a genre.. Visually even more than Star Wars as far as i can tell.. i think i’ll watch it again sometime later after watching 2049. But for now a 7/10 rating will Suffice

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