Annette ★★★★

This movie really clicked for me at about an hour into the film when I decided to stop taking it seriously.

For part of its runtime, I found this film pretentious. But I eventually realized this movie is fully aware of how absurd and dumb it is. Some of the moments that felt like awkward filmaking are some of the better moments of the film. Once I decided to just stop thinking too hard about this bizarre piece of cinema and let it happen to me, it was a much more enjoyable experience. I found myself laughing many times at the absurdity in this movie once I just said “fuck it” and embraced the experience. 

And when I finally viewed Annette from a far less critical standpoint, I was surprised to find myself emotionally invested in a few of its more dramatic moments. It pulls some punches if you’re on the same wavelength as the film. 

Annette is an intentionally hilariously dumb and absurd film. Understanding that is key to appreciating it. This film is understandably divisive and I wouldn’t blame anybody for hating it. But by the end, I was surprised by how much it grew on me.

An extra half star for that final scene.

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