• Daver1


    I knew I needed something special for my 2000th film and Yi Yi certainly didn't disappoint.

    Yi Yi starts with a wedding, ends in a funeral, and packs the rest of life in between the two. Yang often frames our family against reflections of the city, the two overlapping each other until they become one image. They are representations of a larger whole, the daily dramas of their lives playing out on both an extremely intimate level, but also being…

  • leola


    “Strange.. why are we afraid of the first time?? Every day in life is a first time. Every morning is new! We never live the same day twice. We’re never afraid of getting up every morning.


    Maybe this quote means nothing without the context, but I’m still gonna leave it there. Yi Yi is the GOAT. The first time I watched it, I knew I had just witnessed something special, but not this good. And I’m not ashamed about it…