True Grit ★★★

Yeaahup, been wassering, sigger fugger, wassa gonna, home-in gonna, saw-in Jeff Bridges, yep-an saw-in Matt Damon-on in-ginna trigger, some new kid-an grinnin an sugar-figga an-em god-damnin Coen Brothers heh heh heh.

Yep. Those god-damnin Coen Brothers are at it again. Don't know what it is but they really bring something to a film set in the Southern States. Could be that Jeff Bridges based his character on Paw Rugg from the HillBilly Bears and I couldn't understand a damn word he said. Could be the fact they often include an assertive smart-talkin character that gets a lot of impressive dialogue, this time in the shape of a little girl, Hailee Steinfield, who totally owned her place in this film. Could be that these guys just love plonkin a few crazies into the mix with revolvers and a penchant for lookin at peoples insides. They love a bit a bit of it. I pretty much love a bit of it too.

All up this is not a bad film. Slightly dissappointed with the way they wrapped it all up but it's not unusual for these guys to depart from a typical Hollywood ending.