Nomadland ★★

I don’t think this will be a good choice for everyone except for people who enjoy drama. For me, if it wasn’t for the wonderful music in it, I would’ve lost my interest during the endings.
It had some beautiful visuals and at the beginning it was like the movie was calling you and telling you to keep watching and that’s because it was kinda mysterious because it got me interested to get answers about that woman’s life. Answers to why is she doing this? Is she homeless? Is she alone? Did she lose everyone?.
Also it's perfect for those who are traveling or going on road trips a lot, even if you’re not going or don’t want to go on road trips with family, friends or alone... this movie might change your mind!
And when it comes to this, i feel like “Into the Wild” would do the same affect on you, you just want to get out there and explore your country and other countries. With all that been said means that it is INSPIRING! It inspires you to go on trips, travel, trying new things and meet new people.

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