HBO Max | Popeye

(UPDATE: August 23, 2020) A list of all Popeye shorts available from HBO Max. I'll do my best to keep up with additions/removals.

For a list of films available on HBO Max that are part of the Warner Bros. library (Warner Bros./MGM/RKO): HBO Max | Warner Bros. catalog
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For a complete listing of available titles: HBO Max | Complete Collection

  • Shape Ahoy
  • For Better or Nurse
  • Mess Production
  • House Tricks?
  • Rocket to Mars
  • I'll Be Skiing Ya
  • Safari So Good
  • All's Fair at the Fair
  • Olive Oyl for President
  • Pre-Hysterical Man
  • Popeye Meets Hercules
  • Robin Hood-Winked
  • Symphony in Spinach
  • Lumberjack and Jill
  • Hot Air Aces
  • A Balmy Swami
  • Tar with a Star
  • The Fly's Last Flight