Thor: Ragnarok

Thor: Ragnarok ★★½

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This review may contain spoilers.

I think for all the love its getting, any true Marvel fan would have to see how flawed and deeply troubling it was. It was worryingly shallow and didn’t care about its characters even for a moment all in service of making people laugh. It was a weirdly heartbreaking film speaking as a Marvel enthusiast.

For the life of me, the love this film gets is the biggest movie related mystery I've experienced in a long, long time.

I've watched and read analysis after analysis of the film trying to, at the very least, UNDERSTAND why people love it so much-but the answers elude me.

With films I dislike that others love, I can usually see what draws people to it. With Ragnarok, though...blows confusion raspberry

People rave about how it's some daring, radical course correction for the middling Thor franchise (the first one is easily the best) but it really...just isn't. It's space faring, unlike the first 2...but a change in setting is not enough for a film to be lauded as some massive overhaul.

It's comedic, yes. But so are the first 2. Ragnarok is just MOAR's so comedic, the film can't achieve even an iota of genuine heart or sincerity. It's like a tween friendly crack fanfic brought to life.

The tone is so flippant, so purposefully goofy and cartoony it comes off as smug. Waititi really phoned it in here. His humor is usually a great mix of awkward and charming-witty and playful with a nice dollop of absurb. Each of his films prior to Ragnarok mix humor and pathos wonderfully. Ragnarok does not. He just gets lazy and makes everything a gag. E V E R Y T H I N G.

The directing is lazy as shit, too. The film is often blocked and framed like a sitcom. It's just actors milling about a stage in front of a green screen.

The film is so overly bright and colorful it circles back around to looking ugly-like somebody smeared Skittles on the lens. There is the odd shot here and there that look REALLY cool (Valkrye flashback) but 90% of the time the film looks cheap and gaudy.

The CGI is also unforgivably bad in many spots. The Hulk fight is so blatantly not real looking I actually felt insulted watching it. The action has no drive or energy to it either. It's all very basic and direct with very little creativity put into composition, choreography and editing.

Oh, and do fans REALLY not care the film just flat out retcons Thor as a character? Say what you want about the first two films, but over the course of those two films and the two Avengers films Thor is established as a distinct character with distinct traits that set him apart from his team.

In Ragnarok they just make him into a big dumb asshole who will sleazily manipulate his friends to get what he wants. Fucking what? Not only is Thor now a quipping dudebro jerk, he's also a fucking idiot (that towel disguise gag, really)?

Thor from the first 2 films and A1 and A2 wouldn't attempt to manipulate and take advantage of his friends like he does with Hulk here.

No, sorry. Waititi didn't finally make Thor "cool." He made him an unlikable Norse Dickhead.

This film utterly shits on any chance of meaningful plotting or character growth. Every. Single. Meaningful. Beat is sacrificed for a joke. This is a film that shatters Thor's entire world literally and figuratively and NOTHING of any consequence is felt or learned. Thor just goes through all of this shit with a smirk and his fists. Nothing is much of a challenge at all.

The film cynically forces the "people not a place" thing like it's meant to bare some kind of thematic depth and it just comes off like a lazy way to cheat their way into setting up IW.

This movie is just filled with bathos literally in every possible scene.

Verdict - 2.5/5

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