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  • My Best Friend's Wedding

    My Best Friend's Wedding


    Ahead of the curve when it comes to having a supervillain for a protagonist (her superpower is looking like Julia Roberts in this movie). Still the best movie ever made.

  • Risky Business

    Risky Business


    Horny for capitalism. Its iconic moment misleads the type of movie this is, a deceptively charming, kind of harrowing yuppie origin story where a previously nice, idealistic, uncertain teen is convinced by a somewhat undesirable succession of events to completely surrender to money as he rapidly learns the level of overwhelming power it has over nearly every single relation. Excellent camerawork and ambiance, with those heavy melancholic synths and more of 70's-type night city lights.

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  • Mistress America

    Mistress America



    Brooke: What's going on in college?

    Tracy: I don't know, everyone's really excited about this frozen yogurt machine at the student center.

    B: I watched my mother die.

    T: What?

    B: I was with my mother while she died.

    T: I don't know any dead people.

    B: That's cool about the frozen yogurt machine. Everyone I love dies.

  • Mad Max: Fury Road

    Mad Max: Fury Road


    Now I have finally realized what they mean with "I can't even".

    But I'll try.

    Mad Max: Fury Road is an ass-kicking, jaw-dropping, punk-rocking, mind-blowing, staggering, breathtaking, stupefying, overwhelming, astonishing and synonym-inducing work of art.

    I pity the fools, myself included, who unjustifiably dismiss any type of craft by sheer hypocritical beliefs. That includes blockbuster film-making. If far too often we're exposed to what appears to be collective delusions that can even "go beyond mere mediocrity to offer possible evidence…