Annabelle: Creation

Annabelle: Creation ★★★½

Well, I left less terrorized than when I came in, but that's only because it's really hard to compete with real life.

While this is no 'Ouija: Origin of Evil', Sandberg does pretty well at following James Wan's brand of making these big, lean, adequately sophisticated and smartly paced horror blockbusters that don't actually add up to nothing of considerable significance, yet are incredibly fun to experience with large crowds in movie theaters, which is further proof of how remarkably well these things work, because their audiences aren't usually the most attentive in the world. Wished the pay offs were equally as good as the build-up, and that goes for both specific set pieces, such as the inspired 'Girl vs Scarecrow', as well as the overall narrative, even though that might have something to do with the first installment of this spin-off.

One last thing, how fucking big is this house if they didn't bump into Evan Rachel Wood not even once???

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