Good Time

Good Time ★★★★½

Brain-melting great. Frenzied griminess as a state of mind as pronounced narrative and aesthetic defiance. Not quite like 'Heaven Knows What' blown up to subversively mimic a midnight-type action thriller, yet somehow conserving all the earnest realistic sensibility of the first, with the electrifyingly unpredictable rhythm of the latter. Goes to show that 'lo-fi' is more of a mindset, or an attitude, than a production qualifier per se, because it expressly feels like something made both within a considerably limited amount of resources and with an outstandingly personal, hands-on attention to detail, despite positively featuring authentically first-class cinematography, original music, direction and acting. Also, and I mean this more as a testament to this movie's excellence than to the other's detriment, but its credits sequence got me more emotional than the one in 'Call Me by Your Name'.

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