Kong: Skull Island

Kong: Skull Island ★★★★½

Don't get it wrong, it is definitely a lot dumber and glossier than Edwards' 'Godzilla', but goddamnit if its sweet exasperatingly cool wide-angle action isn't fucking miraculous to experience in the theater. This might not make that much sense, but coming from someone who thoroughly enjoyed 'The Great Wall', its screaming formulaic elements, specially the cardboard set of characters, come off as kind of endearing throughout the truly monster-driven spectacle. 

The extravagantly showy cinematography and sucession of needle drops are absolutely shameless and that's like half of the joy of it (the other is that they use Jorge Ben Jor). What's not so hot is the particularly messy treatment of Vietnam War politics and imagery, including the hypocritical portrayal of the U.S. military and the tension between science, nature and non-western societies.

Larson and Hiddlestone are there exclusively to be pretty, and that would be one hard thing to deny regardless of gender and sexual orientation. Luckily, though, the dream team of character actors of Goodman, Jackson and, the MVP, Reilly get gloriously juicy parts that greatly play to their strenghts.

Before "Bitch, please!" gets overly decontextualized because of its mysoginist undertone, let me state that it is likely the best moment of a movie that's literally and, may I say, successfully put together to look like a highlight reel of awesome sequences.

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