Midsommar ★★★★½

The circle of life.

An allegory to deep emotional catharsis from a scarring process of tragedy and psychological turmoil which effectively includes decimating negative relationships from your life.

It's an all too simplistic self-help platitude turned extreme, literal and at the same time mysterious through the expert hands of a director whose indulgence in perfecting a grandiose, prestige version of horror where the (visual) auteur is the star, makes for, if not greatness, at least admirably crafty ambition/pretension. That attention to detail, specially in regards to composition, blocking and transitions, is notably observed throughout the whole thing, maybe even more strikingly during the sequences completely grounded in reality, instead of only appearing in the crazier parts.

With that said, this is also the case where an 'art film' (or 'elevated' genre movie as Aster might prefer) is significantly more entertaining/fascinating to watch than to think about, meaning that if you really squint, take a few hallucinogenic mushrooms and have vague memories of projects you watched as a kid, you'll see that this is not that far from 'Scooby-Doo - Spooky Island' (2002).

P.S.: Pugh's performance here is toe-to-toe with Collette's in 'Hereditary'. And that's really high praise.

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