Neruda ★★★★

Larraín's 'The Life of Pablo' is everything but yet another awards friendly biopic about a prestigious and controversial figure. Peculiarly crafted as this singlular stream of consciousness detective novel for the most part, the film deliberately sidelines Neruda's life and dives head first into sophisticatedly metalingustic text that increasingly overwhelm whatever is left of the biographical approach in order to construct something truly special. The movie often goes overboard in its attempts to sustain such an unique framing for this type of production, specially with its undeniably stunning cinematography that doesn't partciulatly serve the script that well at all times, despite having its value in suggesting the fictionalization that's vital to the Westworld-ish punch that comes in one of the year's best sequences. Also, the last act is the ideal version of what Iñárritu was trying to achive in The Revenant.

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