Once Upon a Time… in Hollywood

Once Upon a Time… in Hollywood ★★★★½

This film is not visiting 1969 Hollywood, it's buying real estate there.

As much of historical fiction as a Howard-Hawks-like hang-out movie where the (barely defined) plot is secondary to the director's passionate recreation of an universe which intertwines the romanticized wonder of the figments of his LA youth - that's directly linked to his obsession with everything about TV and cinema - and the decadent, at-the-brisk-of-change, imminently tragic environment that teases reality to subvert it with wishful fantasy. It may sound just like all of Tarantino's films, and there's still each of the elements that characterize them, including the ones most deserving of criticism, such as the overt sexualization of women, the massively indulgent inside-baseball detours and the suspiciously gleeful manner it engages with unspeakably brutal violence, and yet it's intoxicatingly 'casual' in a way that perhaps none of them are. Further comments withheld until inevitable rewatches, but praised be this cast.

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