Ready Player One

Ready Player One ★½

A spectacularly faithful adaptation of a catastrophically ill-advised, loathsome cacophony of rudimentary sci-fi adventure writing, the lowest of the low 'geek'-baiting, 80's-loving references and some good ol' casual (and not-that-casual) misogyny, all in favor of what's supposedly a pretty basic anti-corporate social allegory that, in its execution, couldn't possibly be less aware of its very own thesis. You could say that it's remarkably technically proficient in taking virtual world-building to new heights with state-of-the-art VFX and whatnot, but the unevenness in which the graphics incorporate both photo-realism and more cartoonish visuals, mixed with the uncanny valley nature of the motion capture and Spielberg's free-floating, speed-ramping, hyperactive camera movements, makes for an (ironically) easily disconnecting watching experience. It's never confusing, it's just... a lot, at once, with a narrative that's not nearly as meaty as it could've been and set pieces that aren't as exciting if you're not immediately raptured by the mere citation of a familiar piece of pop culture. People should probably already be doing the rhetorical 180 to defend it as a subversively poignant examination of society's obsession with multimedia entertainment in its exaggeration of the necessity of escapism in a rapidly decadent world. I call bullshit.

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