RRR ★★★★½

As exciting as movies can be. Filled to the brim with memorable moments and images, which oddly feel like a novelty for any blockbuster spectacle at this point. There's a rock-solid story structure to support everything else, but to say this is specially accomplished because of that and not the parade of increasingly rousing sequences that include a man single-handedly fighting a crowd of thousands, bros humiliating colonialists through a dance-off and an all out brawl between wild murderous animals (the British) and uncaged creatures is crazy. Regarding its disputed politics, the slippery slope of fiery anti-imperialist sentiment perhaps blending into proto-fascist nationalism is practically a trope of historical epics, and Rajamouli having Gibson and Snyder as influences is noteworthy. Anyway, it's borderline criminal that the official release in most places was a dubbed version on streaming instead of every cinema screen.

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