Southside with You

Southside with You ★★★★

Early on the film, as the characters begin to discuss the validation of their meeting as a date, Michelle gives this poignant little speech about what getting involved with the first cute black guy that comes in the office would mean to her as a black woman in the still invariably prejudiced law firm she works on, and Barack immediately responds by saying, with the most charming of smiles on his face, "You think I'm cute?", and that pretty much sums up what's the movie.

It's a heartwarming look at the world's most powerful couple blossoming love, yes, but is also a astoundingly affectionate portrayal of the inner politics of what make someone truly connect with one another, starting with the profound empathy for each other's upbringing, or the sum of experiences that helped to build character and shape personalities, which in itself is tied to the larger point, brought out during a future-POTUS' soulful sermon, about letting go of judgments.

Sure, the filmmaking could've been more refined, but so much is to be said by the text, acting and the cinematography alone, that this doesn't hurt the picture as bad as it probably should. Fortunately, both extraordinarily charismatic performances are far from sounding like impressions and, most of all, are able to communicate through body language what the script either implies or doesn't mention, which actually earns the comparison to the 'Before' trilogy more than the fact that is a talky romance picture that takes place entirely during a single day.

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