Tootsie ★★★★

Fortunately, the levity of this revered comedy doesn't equate to the all important themes tackled within the story being passed off as frivolous, in fact, the absence of life-and-death or other high-risk conflicts probably made it easier for a mass audience to connect with issues that are still, to this day, something of a taboo. Occasionally, the comedic vein of the script would speak too loud, and the movie, as well as the performances, couldn't help to fall upon the territory of the 2006 Amanda Bynes/Channing Tatum classic 'She's the Man', but it usually recovered right away with a more sober scene. Despite Hoffman's hugely determined opulent tour de force, the film's particularly successful decision of having Dorothy as a catalyst for the character arcs of both Lange and Garr, highlights those performances. Bonus point for having Bill Murray and Geena Davis, who has the best line-reading of the picture, in lovely peripheral roles.

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