Trolls ★★★★

Hum... I... Err... I... I really liked it?

Simultaneously, the same kind of overtly product-licensing-driven idiotic bright-colored corporate nonsense that made Minions such a popularity phenomenon, which will surely lead to a understandable tsunami of hate from almost every single person alive minus small children and, for a lack of a better term, "Facebook people", and one of the gayest films ever made, in the best way possible.

It shamelessly steals at least half of all its character and settings design from "Boxtrolls", but replaces a fairly mature Holocaust allegory for a gleefully Carpool-poptimistic flamboyant fable on why drugs are great and will cheer you up from your sad, tedious and meaningless existence on a society which has institutionalized unhappiness, but you shouldn't do them because their sentient hairy fluorescent singing-and-dancing little beings voiced by Justin Timberlake and Anna Kendrick who are intricately organized in an idyllically Marxist welfare state (and also something about being other manners out there to try and reach for well-being).

Or, is simply less than 90 minutes of mindless musical numbers that are just fun and catchy and I'm over-analyzing something as profoundly intellectual as a fart-joke in an Adam Sandler movie.

Your call.

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