Vice ★½

McKay doubles down on condescension as filmmaking, irrationally stopping everything on its track every other minute to employ a different outdated formal gimmick that, in one strike, manages to milk the fun out of the humor, jumble even further the bafflingly structured narrative and almost entirely annul whatever political bite the movie happens to muster from time to time. The fact that this is at its least stagnantly obnoxious when it leans into a self-contained sketch format should tell a fucking SNL-veteran and established feature-comedy director which kind of tone would be better-suited here. It might as well go over smoother for people less familiar with Cheney, but either way it does not remotely articulates its well-founded disdain for what he is and stands for (or utilizes its stacked ensemble cast for that matter) effectively enough.

PS: I've just been made aware of the contents of the mid-credits scene, as I maintain the habit of fleeing a screening as soon as it is feasibly possible. Fuck everything about that.

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