Your Name.

Your Name. ★★★★

Makoto Shinkai would pretty much get eaten alive by critics if he worked with live-action instead. He unites the seemingly wallpaper-driven animation of radically visualist directors such as Snyder or Winding Refn, with the somewhat digressive (lack of) narrative tidiness of late Malick and still indulge in storylines that could give Nicholas Sparks diabetes. Contrary to what that description may imply, it mainly works, often quite overwhelmingly so. The euphonious piano-lead score plays a huge role in that, but even more importantly is the naively universally relatable nature of its themes, here exemplified by the sequence where one of the protagonists melancholic wanders around through public transportation contemplating on whether he's searching for a person, a place, or simply a job. Before Hollywood gets wrong ideas seeing how much money this made, I'd like to remind them that there's already a fantastically heartwarming American version of it.

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