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  • Marty



    This is a nice little film about finding love. It’s the classic ugly duckling storyline. It’s simple and sweet. A definite feel good story, making it a strange best picture winner.

  • The Thomas Crown Affair

    The Thomas Crown Affair


    I was expecting to like this more than I did, but after seeing the reviews on here I realize I’m in the majority.

    The bank robbery isn’t really that great or even clever, although it may have been in 1968. But the way Faye Dunaway determines its McQueen is just absurd and lazy. 

    While I enjoyed the chemistry between Dunaway and McQueen the filmmaker seemed mite interested in being creative with split screens than the actual story.

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  • Manhunter



    This one had me bouncing between a 3.5 and 4 most of the film, but William Peterson’s pink shirt shorts at the end solidified the 3.5. Haha

    But seriously, this film struggles with 80s fads in filmmaking that make it difficult to like at points. Deep down it is a really gritty film about the hunt of a serial killer. You could see what Silence of the Lambs would later be. Was just a decade too early to make it as dark as it should have been, but it’s definitely a must for anyone interested in this genre of film.

  • Sabrina



    I’m giving this four stars strictly for Hepburn. She is beautiful and charming and there is almost a magic to her whenever she is on screen.  

    The characters played by Bogart and Holden don’t ever have any depth to me, and she’s too good for either. Particularly Bogart who I find very miscast and far too old for Hepburn’s Sabrina. It just felt out of place, although not an awful performance.

    I mainly think I was expecting to like this more than I did, but I can see why it’s ranked so high.