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  • The Nice Guys

    The Nice Guys

    Any big name actor you can think of once starred in a comedic buddy-cop action movie. But despite the over-saturation plaguing the buddy-cop category, is it possible The Nice Guys stands as the genre's best ever? Six years since the movie's release & the argument can absolutely be made that The Nice Guys is the best action-comedy film ever made about adult male friendship. This movie is flat-out hilarious. The script is charming, we get great shots of LA & the audience…

  • Thirteen Lives

    Thirteen Lives


    A brutal recollection of the true story about the rescue of a Thai soccer team trapped in a cave, Amazon's Thirteen Lives is Ron Howard flexing his movie-making brilliance. Since the days of Apollo 13, Ron Howard has done nothing but demonstrate excellence in the technical details of filmmaking. Few directors can recreate & reimagine dramatic set pieces in a cave the way Howard does in Thirteen Lives. Howard's technical mastery & always-reliable use of sound gives the audience a tutorial in…

Popular reviews

  • Nope


    In his third feature film Nope, Jordan Peele affirms he is a master storyteller & this generation's Hitchcock. Through deliberate, tactile pieces, Peele brings the fear of darkness to light & does as so many great horror directors before him: slowly pull you in then quickly drag you under. Peele works the audience like few directors I can remember. Then there's Daniel Kaluuya, Peele's ultimate muse. The entire cast, especially Steven Yeun, shine- but Kaluuya continues to show something new with each role. He's so unpredictable & so intense. Another brilliant collaboration between the two. Nope equals WOW.

  • Bullet Train

    Bullet Train

    In his fourth decade as a leading man, Brad Pitt might be enjoying the finest stretch of his career. From Ad Astra to OUATIH, Pitt found his late-career groove. And with Bullet Train, Pitt again delivers thanks to a great cast & great story. Pitt gives a charismatic, well-rounded performance laced in empathy. At day's end, we love Bullet Train- it's pure summer movie fun & never drags- not once did we check for time in a 2 hour action thriller. The Sumer of 2022 continues to exceed expectations