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This review may contain spoilers.

A young man meets up with a girl from his old high school and they have a brief romance, but things get complicated when she returns with a different man.

This was beautifully made, and painfully relatable for a lot of men. It takes it to a darker place eventually, by slowly and methodically leaving a trail of breadcrumbs there, making it more and more engaging as it goes along.

It reminds me of a friend of mine, his name was Rob..uh, Robert.

Robert was a pretty slow guy, kind of odd, kind of socially awkward at times and you know what? Maybe Robert wasn't exactly prince charming. Maybe he shouldn't have tried dating anyone at all, but it took him half a lifetime to realize that.

Robert met this young woman and for the first time in his life they really and truly connected. Really, really connected. Best friends, soulmates, whatever you want to call it. Eventually it turned romantic, at least in that budding, young love sense of romance. Robert being Robert, he was totally prepared to spend his life with her, move across the world, you name it. Like I said, he was a little slow, but I think most guys can relate. It happens.

So they finally decided to meet up, butterflies and all, and at first things were a little physical and incredibly promising... but there was another man. She had him as a chaperone of sorts. If Robert wasn't stupid, he would've left her at that very same moment - just packed up, left, not looked back. He didn't, and it took an awkward, painful, odd turn and eventually it all fell apart of course. It didn't matter much, the woman was leading him on anyway, she wanted a friend who would accept her screwing a hockey team, he wanted a best friend and a romantic relationship. That's how these things go. She was already sleeping with someone behind his back, it didn't change the fact that he was madly in love with her. But leave he did, they stopped getting in touch and that was that.

Now Robert sits around his apartment alone. He doesn't date anymore, he doesn't even consider it. He doesn't even consider considering it. Robert works a job that wrecks his body and soul, a competition of sorts to see which will snap first (and maybe put him on full disability instead of just half). He doesn't exercise anymore (who looks at him?). He eats garbage (because who cares what he eats?). He watches way too many movies and reviews them on uh..Betterloxd.

And a few times a year he types her name in on Facebook. Just once or twice. He doesn't stalk her pages or go into her photos, he just sees that she is still listed and she's still active somehow. Meaning she is still alive and hopefully happy to some degree.

And that's just fine.

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