Friday the 13th Part III

Friday the 13th Part III ★★★

Friday the 13th Part 3. In 3D. A gimmick on a gimmick as pizowell called it. It also has a disco theme. Out of all the twelve movies, this is usually considered the one with the worst acting, that says a lot.

Far more of a studio affair, they were so obsessed with the 3D in this that they disregarded everything else, and that makes it a rather cringeworthy affair most of the time. All that 3D and they couldn't even wipe the lense and check the gate - it's an ugly looking film, especially coming after the surprisingly sharp Part 2. The actors really sound like they are emoting as much as they would reading their grocery list, particularly Dana Kimmell as Chris when she speaks about how Jason attacked her once and..raped her? Who knows? Who cares? It doesn't make a fucking lick of sense.

Anyway, there are some positives about this, and I still watch it with some of that nostalgic haze. It's the most stereotypical in many ways (mask, machete, horny teenagers who have come to smoke pot get killed, and that's all she wrote), but the late Richard Brooker makes a pretty solid Jason, even if he grunts a lot. The scene where he appears behind Chuck the stoner in the cellar isn't too bad, and the final chase is also pretty spectacular in some ways, particularly when he survives his own hanging.

It's past 6 a.m. here, just one more for today and I can sleep. And this last is one of the absolute best.

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