Housebound ★★

Housebound is a New Zealand horror-comedy about Kylie, a young woman who fails an attempted robbery, and is sentenced to house arrest in the home she grew up in. The only thing worse than being stuck with your parents and an ankle bracelet might be the fact that she begins to suspect the house is haunted.

I have to be very careful with positive reviews, because I was hesitant to check this out at first. Eventually I just noticed it had gotten so much praise that I thought I'd give it a go. It's just not for me. It simply does not work - not because it doesn't have a lot going on, but because it just didn't appeal to me.

The lead character is awfully annoying, the humor was bumbling and unsuccessful for me personally, and killed almost all the horror scenes, and it takes quite some time to get going. There are some positive qualities to it though - it does have real characters, just not characters that I found particularly funny or interesting. It also has a few somewhat successful horror beats, but eventually it abandons them for more and more slapstick, and even if it's never as bad as most direct-to-DVD garbage that horror fans have to endure these days, it was simply never effective for this particular viewer.

If you like movies in the vain of Evil Dead 2 or the early work of Peter Jackson, you may want to give this one a look. For me it was overall a lot like sitting through an extended episode of some bad New Zealand sitcom though, all it was missing was a laugh track.

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