Prey ★★★★★

Comanche version (under Disney+ Bonus Features tab).

There are exactly two things I dislike about Prey, in particular this Comanche version:

1. The "we are tough men and you're a woman and can't hang with us" stuff. A little on the nose and out of place. Writing strong women doesn't necessitate writing stupid men. Small thing but it's there.

2. That it is an American English production which was dubbed into a special Comanche language version. It should be the exact opposite, Comanche with subtitles should be the main version and it should've been dubbed into American English.

That's it.

That's everything.

Best installment of them all.

Hollywood, this is how you revitalize a franchise: not by copying old tropes from previous movies (there are a few here but just a few carefully and lightly sprinkled it), but by blazing a new path with its own twist on the title, approach, style, gorgeous photography, fantastic action, natural grounded look and feel, characters and pacing. No forced cameos.

Beyond my two nitpicks, a triumph. Crank it up, watch it on the biggest screen you have. Stay through the end credits and let the score move through you.

Rarely does a prequel dethrone the original 35 years later. Bravo.

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