Slugs ★★★★★

Oh my Jesus H. fucking Christ. This is probably the single funniest fucking horror movie I have ever watched in my entire life. I watched it with my sister, and we were in hysterics. Just laughing ourselves blue in the face, keeling over, screaming, howling with laughter. It's so goddamn amazing!

For no reason whatsoever, a small town is overcome by killer slugs. They crawl, they bite, they devour their victims whole, leaving gore and slimy trails behind them!

This is just the pitch perfect "so bad it's good"-movie. It was probably an attempt to be a serious, scary horror film, but it is so hysterically crappy in every single regard. The concept is just laughable. The actors are taking everything so damn dead seriously, and they flub lines, and have some of the funniest, cheesiest, most wonderful ones I have ever heard. Like a heavily dubbed over water supervisor who is questioned about authority, stands up and suddenly goes "You don't have the authority to declare happy birthday!". The silly, cheesy, 1970's television music, which is so hysterically off-kilter against what the movie is actually showing on screen. Like the moment where a police car pulls into a driveway, and we're basically hearing a fanfare from a TV news program! The gore, which is exceptionally violent and bloody, which is even more bizarre considering the fact that it's a movie about killer fucking slugs! Eyes explode, guts pop with rivers of blood, chunks of flesh, naked women devoured's just amazing, and for some reason it just made the movie even funnier.

I even noticed some delightfully bizarre and obscure things. In one scene we hear a creepy little musical motif from a toy box (again, just..flat out of nowhere, it has nothing to do with the actual scene in question, and I love it), but I quickly realized that it was utilized many years later for a Slipknot music video. They also get help from an nerdy scientist, and I could have sworn he sounded just like Captain Jack Sparrow when he spoke. Just..exactly like him.

This is definitely a must-see 80's movie, it's probably the fact that this is an American/Spanish co-production that makes it so insanely fantastic. The partial dubbing, the crappy but overconfident acting, the music, the whole..scenario, just oozes 1980's horror glory. It's goddamn delightful, hysterical, outlandish, silly, and at the same time, violent as a freaking carnival of blood. I'll certainly think twice before eating a salad again!

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