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This review may contain spoilers.

Best Star Wars film since Empire.

I really said it, I really mean it, and I respect anyone who completely disagrees.

I rewatched this with my brother who hadn't seen it, and we sat quietly for the first half and when L3-37 the SJW droid came on screen (worst part of a great film), we ended up getting into a discussion about pushing political agendas in and out of entertainment, and the Hollywood leftist feminist/inclusion push that's going on right now, which Disney is more or less spearheading. It became such a heated discussion that we talked through the whole Kessel Run sequence, but at least my brother was awake (or..woke?) enough to watch the entire film and pay attention. We even discussed how Emfys Nest is revealed as a rebellious female character fighting an oppressive system and how both she and Lando talk about their mothers dearly rather than their fathers. Frankly that doesn't bother me as much. But it's way too on the nose with L3 the feminazi robot, who ends up being just an obnoxious character in the process.

Never thought we'd discuss that over a freaking Star Wars movie, but sign of the time I guess. Either way, I say give this one a fair chance. If you don't like it that's fine, but I wouldn't write it off just because you hated The Last Jedi or you love Han Solo in the original trilogy. The Kasdans have written a damn good origin story, part adventure, part heist film, part drama, and I love that it's a Star Wars film with genuine character arcs and revelatory story beats when it could've easily settled for a saccharine comedic action film (more along the lines with their Marvel properties, and apparently what Lord and Miller tried to do with it, which is why I'm personally relieved that they got sacked). Real character moments, just enough humor (mostly), wonderful worlds, great action and adventure and just a little sprinkling of fan service here and there. At this point Disney have done their character story though, I don't want to see Young Bib Fortuna or Jar-Jar's Golden Years. Just make good original stories in the vast Star Wars universe, find a balance of humor and action (as here), tone down the crazy overt political stuff, and I think you'll find an audience again.

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