Spiral: From the Book of Saw

Spiral: From the Book of Saw ★½

What the hell is Spiral? I've been wondering that ever since it was first announced and I'm still not sure.

After the death of Jigsaw (just like the movie Jigsaw, does anyone remember that one? no?), a detective (Chris Rock) is trying to track down a copycat killer.

This was a strange one. Yet another Saw movie that is both a sequel and soft reboot, just like aforementioned Jigsaw, but adds Chris Rock and Samuel L. Jackson to the mix? And Rock is also a producer?

It's a painfully generic procedural with your standard issue Saw traps that ends on such a stupid, generic, strange ending that it is almost baffling. Even the ending I saw in my head was dumb but this one was somehow even worse.

The traps are kind of gruesome but.. a bit overly complicated or specific sometimes. The actors try their best but it just feels like a strange 90 minute SNL skit and most importantly, it does nothing, and I mean nothing clever to revive the old Saw franchise. As the credits rolled I just thought "but that doesn't wrap anything up!". So yeah, see it at your own risk. It's short and scenes are stacked together.. in a way which is watchable-ish, but the final dumb finale was just a mess of bad ideas that left such a dire impression on me. At least Jigsaw felt like it took one step away from Saw while still leaving a foot firmly planted in that world. This is just.. stupid unbelievable shit followed by rap music. 😑