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This review may contain spoilers.

I just finished watching the Extended Cut for the first time, and this review will contain heavy spoilers, so if you haven't watched it already, you may want to come back later.

I take it you're already familiar with the movie, and you have probably seen it and made up your mind. I loved it, apparently some people (critics?) didn't. As long as you rank it completely from the heart and stay true to your opinion, that is fine by me, don't let trailers or reviews sway your influence. If you hate it, you hate it. If you love it, you love it. If you fall somewhere in the middle, that's where you fall. I don't think this Extended Cut will change that opinion much. It's the same movie with a few added and extended scenes, mostly involving Harley and The Joker. I've heard people genuinely say that they changed their opinion of Batman v. Superman after watching the Ultimate Edition, and I definitely see how that's possible, it patches up a whole host of huge plotholes for one. This is not that. It's the same movie, tonally, the look and feel of it, the rating, the story, all that.

The Extended Cut is 11 minutes and 40 seconds longer than the theatrical cut, and adds these moments:

The scene where they feed Killer Croc is ever so slightly longer. David Ayer makes a cameo as a prison guard, Smitty, and we see that Croc has bitten a guard's hand off.

When they're on the chopper heading into Midway City, Killer Croc throws up. This was listed among the rumored deleted scenes that leaked online a while ago, but it was said to be even longer, with Croc throwing up half a digested goat and eating it again. Now he just kind of pukes and Harley comments about the smell.

The scene where they plot to escape from Flagg and "spread the word" is longer. Now Harley gets the word and spreads it on further, including to Deadshot and Boomerang, who tries to propose it to Croc. He knocks him on his ass as a response, haha. Some feel this doesn't gel with the scene that follows though, where they decide to protect him rather than kill him ("If he dies, we all die!"). Perhaps it should have come before Slipknot gets his head blown off, then it would have made a little more sense. The Fear of God and all that.

The longest two scenes, and the ones fans will probably want to see:

Another flashback with Harleen Quinzel chasing after Joker on a motorcycle. She tries to get him to admit that he loves her too, and let her join him. She even kills a man to prove her point, but doesn't win him over. This scene, with Harley pointing the gun at Joker, was heavily spread around in leaked set photos, but it is worth noting that Joker does not slap (or hit) Harley as he did in the photos. That was probably intended for a darker, R-rated cut of the movie. There are some good lines in the scene though, like Joker calling her a "pain in the ass" and saying "People like me don't love. I'm an idea.".

That scene is immediately followed by a new scene where Harley walks around taunting and messing with all the members of the squad, kind of psychoanalyzing them a bit. She claims she needs to "pry open someone's head and play with it", and that scene proves that she is indeed quite vexing as she promised. She is ultimately shut down by Deadshot, who says that if they are to escape, she has to "play nice with the other kids". A great character moment for several of them, especially Harley. Katana even takes off her mask, great to see more of her.

I think there was at least one longer dialogue moment between Deadshot and Rick Flagg, but nothing too major. He just says that if he cooperates, he'll set him free and let him see his daughter, which we all know isn't really true.

The bar scene is longer, and lines that were included in trailers and TV spots are back in. Harley serves drinks to everyone, and Deadshot and El Diablo have a few more good lines back and forth, not just Deadshot kind of..talking to himself. My favourite might be "Bitch, I'm having a drink", haha.

I think that's about it as far as new scenes go, there are a few lines here and there that are good, and it has some fun character beats, but there is still an awful lot missing that we will probably never see. This article has a list of rumored deleted scenes, and as we now know, a lot of them have turned out to be true.

Notable things still missing:

The Joker interrogating Captain Griggs, and saying "I can't wait to show you my toys", heavily used in trailers. In both cuts of the film he just kind of says "You're gonna be my friend".

Not a huge thing, but Harley winking to Deadshot on the chopper (while she texts Mr. J). It was used in promotional materials, but it in the movie she never actually winks at him. It has become a popular gif, so it is odd that it isn't in the actual movie.

Joker returning at the end. Either before or after the subway fight. His face is half-burnt from the chopper crash, and he drops a grenade and goes "Bye bye", trying to kill them all. Would he endanger Harley though? And I kind of see why it was deleted, as him appearing right at the end to bust her out of Belle Reeve makes for a bigger surprise. Still would have loved to see that though, that half-charred Joker even got his own little Funko Pop.

So in short, this Extended Cut is not a huge deal, but I will say that it's a nice bonus treat if you already liked the movie, and I flat out love it, so I'll take whatever I can get. Maybe down the line there will be some kind of box set or "Ultimate Edition" of all the films to squeeze our wallets even harder, and that will include more deleted scenes. That's pure speculation on my part though, but if you liked the movie, it's definitely worth checking out what little has been added back in. A few good character beats for Harley, Joker and Deadshot and some fun lines, but still not quite all we had hoped for.

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