Suicide Squad

Suicide Squad ★★★★½

My DCEU Road to the Justice League Marathon has begun! I'm doing it a little different. If we imagine that I'm watching two films per night, I've switched the nights: Suicide Squad and Wonder Woman first, Man Of Steel and BvS second. That way I get a fun introduction and I end on the most "relevant" stuff: after all, what sets the stage better for JL than the final shot of BvS?

I've loved Suicide Squad since I first saw it. I know I'm in the minority here ("And the worst part is..they're gonna blame us for the whole thing"), but it's pure comic book entertainment to me: delicious anti-heroes, pitch black comedy, great action sequences and a beautiful neon-street style complete with popups and practically sound bubbles!

Is it the most incredibly well told story ever? No, certainly not. But there are two types of movies out there: rock climbing movies that take you on a slow and steady journey where you watch every step, and rollercoaster movies that launch you into peaks and valleys of pure entertainment. If you're thinking of the construction of the rollercoaster the entire time, you're not having any fun. I still get a pure kick out of this, and I still laugh heartily at a lot of the jokes. DC and WB understand that movies can be fun and funny without being bright and light-hearted and danger-free, R-rated cut would have been even better.

Entertainment is highly subjective, as it should be, so this is one of those flicks that you either get a thrill out of right away or possibly never at all. I love practically everything about it precisely because it is constructed to keep the entertainment coming, but it still has moments to breathe and a few slightly poignant moments for our anti-heroes as well. Bring back these delicious villains for a sequel, I'm all for it. Hell, make it Rated R and polish the story and it could be like a comic book Reservoir Dogs or something. This is the least "meaningful" DC flick, but to me that also makes it one of the most unabashedly entertaining.

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