The Princess and the Frog ★★★★★

I thought this one looked to have a lot of potential. Not only was it good, it was outright excellent. I dare say this is the best film Disney has put out in two decades. You've got that wonderful, traditional (well, post Beauty and the Beast-era traditional) hand drawn animation, characters you can latch onto and love, song numbers that are catchy without being too hokey, a brilliant villain in Keith David, beautifully rendered environments and all the color of New Orleans. If there's anything even slightly amiss about this one, it's that there is quite an overabundance of characters, as you can probably tell from the poster. But they're all handled and juggled well enough to work, and I was happy to find what could've been a goofy frog movie held its own even when things got silly. This is everything about Disney done right; classic tales in new settings with traditional means by modern talents.